What are Foundation Classes?

Our Foundation classes consist of three, long-hours sessions in a small group or one-on-one settings to help give you a solid foundation before jumping into our regular CrossFit classes.

Set Class Structure

You’ll learned how classes are structured (warm-up skill, workout, cool down/mobility).

→ Community

Our small group setting will encourage you and help you dig deep to crush each workout.

→ Confidence Through Exposure To New Exercises

Professional coaches will walk you through proper technique and form exercises many would think they could never do.

→ High Intensity Low Weight

Anyone new to CrossFit should focus on form and not worry about the amount of weight. During foundation classes well keep the weight light but that doesn’t mean you should waiver on the intensity.

→ CrossFit Is For Everyone

Wether your goal is lose weight, gain lean muscle or increase athletic performance our unique approach to training is designed to help you discover a new level of fitness.