Sgt Adam Hess

I am Sergeant Hess and I am a United States Marine I have been in the Marine Corps for almost 9 years now and I am currently 30 years young thanks to CrossFit the Challenge. I have always been an active and very competitive person. I’ve been staying fit by doing Marine workouts and daily gym routines. Over time my yearly Physical Fitness Test has slowly declined pullups being harder to achieve 20, and my 3 mile run time suffering being my best score was a 19 minutes and 30 seconds at 21 years old. I have always wanted a perfect score being 20 pullups 100 crunches and a 18 min 3 mile run but it has always been just out of my reach. I walked into CrossFit The Challenge after going in many other CrossFit gyms not expecting much until I met Andy and off of my first snap judgment of him new instantly  that this was the place to overcome my personal challenges. I started attending classes and did exactly what he prescribed for me and followed his training matrix. After only 3 months things that have never been easy for me became easy I stared seeing change quick, fast and in a hurry breaking personal records at the cyclic rate once a week.  During my 3rd month of CrossFit The Challenge I did my yearly PFT running a 18:54 3 mile run crushing my pull ups and crunches and barley breaking a sweat I am forever grateful for walking into CrossFit The Challenge that day and will be attending for the rest of my time here in Cedar Rapids knowing that next year I’ll be even faster and stronger leading my Marines to victory.