Nutrition guidelines for our CrossFit athletes: Part 2

At CrossFit The Challenge we want to see you succeed at achieving your goals!
Here is part 2 of our series to optimize your health and performance through nutrition:
Identify what is preventing you to reach your goal – Information or Intrinsic Motivation 
Are you someone that lacks understanding of metabolic processes that govern the body and therefore needs more education about what types of macronutrients do what in terms of biology? For many people its the lack of knowledge of what the body needs to be properly fueled at the proper time and with the proper quantity and the proper composition  (proteins, carbs, fats). If that describes you, then take the time to educate yourself on basic nutrition principles to optimize your health and performance.
We at CrossFit The Challenge can help with that education. If you are interested contact us to schedule a personalized consultation to guide you through this process.
Intrinsic Motivation:
Do you have basic understanding of the physiology BUT lack the motivation to apply this knowledge to make a change? What thought processes cause you to choose comfort over what you know is good for you? You may know that you should eat whole foods and you may realize that weighing and measuring your portion sizes is important to develop the eye of what amount of foods fits your macro requirements to fuel, sustain and support your goals, but you just do not want to put in the work that is required.
You may not want to meal prep ahead of time to have balanced whole foods available when you need to fuel your body but rather default to eat whatever is quickly available such as processed boxed foods or even worse; drive through junk food.
There are no short cuts in making the right decisions day after day. Yes you may get by for a while and your performance may not suffer significantly for a time but those choices will add up. Your bodies’ incredible ability to cover up those daily habits will not last for long.
We at CrossFit The Challenge can help you to come up with strategies to be prepared. We can help with whole food suggestions that allow you to become and remain more disciplined. We are hosting a Freezer Meal Prep Party this coming weekend. Contact us for more information.
In the next post we will dig a bit deeper to try to identify the “why” behind your goals.